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Denon Home - new wireless multiroom speakers

Denon Home loudspeakers offer a multiroom system with models for all types of rooms.

For several years, Denon has been committed to its family of wireless speakers and the HEOS multiroom system. The well-known manufacturer has loudspeakers of various sizes in its catalogue so that we can have a wireless speaker anywhere in the house. This family of speakers has now been revamped by the new Denon Home range, which consists of three soundenhancing speakers with a new design.

The Denon Home 150 is the smallest in the family. It offers detailed sound but in a compact size so that it can be placed in any room.

It has a rectangular design, but with rounded edges. It is 18.7 centimetres high and virtually the entire body of the speaker is encased in a fairly elegant acoustic fabric. Only the silver Denon logo, placed in the lower central part of the device, “breaks” this harmony. And just below the logo there is a small light that informs us of the status of the device.

The Denon Home 250 is the intermediate model. It has the same finish as its little brother, with acoustic fabric covering the whole body of the device and a glossy black top where we have the buttons.

However, this model is more elongated. It is 21.6 centimetres high and 29.5 centimetres long, so it is considerably larger than the Home 150.

In terms of controls, we have exactly the same as in the previous model. The three more buttons on the right allow you to control playback and volume, while the more left-hand buttons are the three quick selection buttons that allow you to play music without taking your mobile phone out of your pocket.

Completing the family is the Denon Home 350, a large speaker designed for larger rooms.

It has the same design as the Home 250, but grows in size and adds three quick select buttons, for a total of six.

As for the audio, it is equipped with a total of 6 speakers. It has two 19mm tweeters, two 165mm woofers and two 50mm midrange speakers. The set is completed by 6 Class D amplifiers.

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